Daily Planner Organizer | Travel Size Journal | TRUTH For Your Soul

If you like to write things down, then you will love these beautiful, one of a kind leather softcover notebooks! 

This journal matches any personality and can be used at any stage of life. You can use it yourself to write down daily affirmations, gift it to someone who is yearning for purpose or you can even give one to each family member and friend you know as a token of gratitude. This notebook is the perfect thought jotting, travel-sized journal. It  has thick acid-free paper, a bookmark, an elastic closure and an expandable inner back pocket to store any fun finds along your journey.

We've tested many journal sizes to bring to you the ideal pocket size at 3.75 x 6''. With 196 pages of lined rule paper, we are certain that you'll have plenty of room to collect your visionary ideas, running thoughts and imaginative dreams.          

The inside front cover details the recipe essential to living a life full of purpose, peace, inspiration, strength, boldness, courage, and love. Every 49th page you'll find one of the "ingredients" that will season your soul. The 4 ingredients you'll read about are Love, Hope, Faith, and Truth.

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