A 'Taste' of Spirit Spice

A 'Taste' of Spirit Spice

“Taste” the flavor of Spirit Spice

.“Spirit Spice” an idea driven by the power of the Holy Spirit to help touch, transform and spark a fresh new zest for an abundant life! Uncover your deep inner life waiting to burst through obstacles, circumstances, and boundaries , the very things that may be keeping you from experiencing a rich, flavorful spirit-driven life.

You’ll see a change from the inside out that will bring a peace and freedom that is indescribable, urging you to share this “recipe” with others.

Our Spirit gives us the power to thrive on four essential ingredients: Love Hope Faith and Truth.

Spice enhances, adds richness, boldness, and flavor.

Infused and intermingled together, Spirit Spice seasons the soul, giving a true Recipe for LIFE.

Origins of Spirit Spice

A tattered pocket notebook, a broken spirit, a heart in turmoil, a lost identity. These are the four elements that lead to a path of uncovering and encountering the unconditional Love of Jesus Christ.

That tattered notebook now translates LOVE, the broken spirit, HOPE, the heart in turmoil, FAITH, the lost identity, TRUTH. Believe it can happen to YOU! 

Although, we’ve come a long way from the original pocket notebook, we stayed true to the original notebook’s character. It’s not filled with daily prompts, it’s not page after page of ‘motivational’ quotes that seem unattainable. It’s line ruled, has durable, soft covers, has a back pocket, an elastic to hold the book closed while stuffed in your bag or briefcase and has a bookmark so you can grab your place quickly. Every 50 pages you will see the scripture that inspired the use of four very specific and intentional symbols that are used throughout the Spirit Spice brand. LOVE. HOPE. FAITH. TRUTH. These four ingredients will help anyone find freedom in pursuing what lives deep inside of us. Putting it down on paper is just getting us one step closer to God’s calling on our lives. After all, what are words without action?